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credit application

Sinarmas Hana Finance is combined company between Sinar-Mas Multiartha and Hana Financial Group based on South Korea.

For Online registration please click the following link :


  1. Please fill in the Name, Email and  Your active number phone.
  2. Choose your submission :
    1) Car Credit
    2) Multipurpose Financing
    3) Registration of Multipurpose Loan Agents
  3. Select the Registration Branch you want. Click on the form to see the available branch options.
  4. Click Submit to send your aplication
  5. Done

For those of you who work as :

  • Employee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9)
  • Professional (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9)
  • Entrepreneur(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10)

Requirements needed :

  1. Applicant’s Identity card (husband + wife)
  2. Family Card & Marriage Certificate (If married)
  3. Home certificate
  4. savings book for the past three months
  5. Bill of Telephone/PLN/PDAM
  6. Last Salary Slip / Statement of Income
  7. Practice License
  8. Business license (SIUP)/TDP/SITU/SKU
  9. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  10. Bookkeeping Notes / Notes

credit simulation

Credit Simulator Sinarmas Hana Finance will facilitate to find installment calculation according to your budget.

Exact calculation, careful planning

Please click the link below to go to our credit simulation page.


The Sinarmas Hana Finance credit simulation aims to calculate the total DP and installments based on the OTR price information of your dream vehicle with a percentage of Pure DP of 25% on OTR prices

  1. Enter the price of the OTR car, a pure DP of 25% will be automatically calculated
  2. Choose your Region
  3. Select Your Vehicle Year, here we limit the simulation to only the second vehicle with 3 types of years range, that are :
    a. 2013 – 2018
    b. 2007 – 2012
    c. 2004 – 2006
  4. Determine your type of insurance as follows :
    a) Years 2013 – 2018 Combined Insurance
    b) Years 2007 – 2012 TLO Insurance
    c) Years 2006 TLO Insurance

We also provide simulations based on Budget which consist of :

  1. Total DP Budget
    The total DP is the total cost incurred at the beginning including costs such as administration and others. If you want to know the total DP before applying for funding, this budget simulation is very important.

  2. Installment Budget
    This simulation helps calculate the total DP that you need to prepare based on the installment value as planned.

For those of you who are looking for multipurpose financing services, this brochure will help you choose a tenor that fits your budget

Sinarmas Hana Finance as a trusted financing institution provides multipurpose financing services by including car BPKB.

Please download the brochhure here :


customer care

What financial services does Sinarmas Hana Finance provide?

As the best form of service, Sinarmas Hana Finance provides successful services, That are :

  1. Repayment Information Service
  2. Installment Information Service
  3. Loan Top Up Services

Those are the procedures for repayment of credit :

  1. Make sure your repayment nominal is first, please contact the branch where you made the credit agreement
  2. Make payment in full
    Can use 2 ways, namely transfer or cash deposit at the bank teller
  3. Taking BPKB by bringing the original Identity Card and proof of payment in full
  4. If the BPKB is represented by another party, it must use a power of attorney and must bring the original KTP of the recipient and the attorney
  5. When representing a company, the power of attorney must use letterhead
  6. The power of attorney brought must be stamped

Select the transfer menu, then transfer between other banks / banks:

* Choose one of the Payment Methods. Example:

1. Bank Code: 153

(Bank Sinar Mas)

* Virtual account / no. Orch:


* On behalf of: SHF QQ Syamsul Bahar

* Installment: Rp. 2,426,000

2. Bank Code (484)

(KEB Hana Bank)

* Virtual account / no. Orch:


* On behalf of: SHF QQ Syamsul Bahar

* Installment: Rp. 2,426,000, –


* Always make sure the number, name and amount of installments before making a payment.

* If there are further questions, please contact us at + 621-5695-4670.

Thank you

For you Sinarmas Hana Finance customers who want to top up a loan can contact us directly by email at : 


Isi email dengan informasi sebagai berikut Fill Email with informastions as follows :
1⃣ Customer number
2⃣ Name
3⃣ Phone Number if Change
4⃣ Top Up Value submitted

To find out information related to installments (remaining tenor, installments, etc.) please contact the branch where you made the credit agreement. Or Contact our Head Office (021-5695-4670) to get contact with the Branch Office.

For vehicle registration tax payments can be done alone by the debtor or can also be assisted by the leasing party,

1. Own tax payments by debtors
a) Requirements needed are that the debtor has paid installments.
b) If you have made a payment, the debtor can come directly to the leasing branch office to be given a tax cover letter and a copy of the BPKB
c) Administrative costs are adjusted to the provisions in each branch
d) ID cards must be in accordance with the name on the STNK, if not appropriate, the name must be changed first.

2. If you want to be assisted by the leasing party
a) Requirements needed are that the debtor has paid installments
b) Original KTP a / n in STNK & Original STNK
c) Administrative costs and estimated tax costs can be asked directly with the branch PIC and the nominal is adjusted based on the provisions in each branch

Address and contact information for the Sinarmas Hana Finance branch can be seen in the link below.